How To Have More Energy & Less Stress, Without Giving Up Your Ambitious Lifestyle
For ambitious professionals who are ready to play full-out personally and professionally...
If you’re an ambitious professional, then chances are, you’ve got some big goals for feeling and performing your best while living your busy life...
You want a fulfilling successful career and personal relationships. You want all-day energy, less overwhelm and anxiety, and to feel strong and healthy in your body.
Pop Quiz time! How many of these describe you?
  •  Your mind is crammed with thoughts, ideas, to-do lists and concerns (and you have difficulty shutting them off even when you want to.)
  •  You’ve eeked by with your health habits so far (but know that you need to prioritize your nutrition, rest and exercise to take on the day tomorrow.)
  •  You want your meals to be healthy, quick to make, and digest well (but who has extra time to spend in the kitchen?!)
  •  You want to be the best partner, parent, friend you can be (but you often feel preoccupied, tired, or disconnected from others and yourself.)
  •  At the end of the day you feel maxed out (and you're thinking to yourself at night... if one more thing is put on your plate, it might tip you over the edge)
  •  Sleep is great… when you can get it (but sometimes you feel too guilty to take the time to rest.)
  •  You prioritize your family, team, and projects - EVERYTHING - ahead of yourself (which means you’re often left feeling depleted at the end of the day.)
  •  You’re out of touch with your body and oftentimes forget to eat, or don’t even realize you’re hungry (until you’re famished and craving sugar, salt, or anything you can get your hands on, fast.)
  •  You’re Type-A and like control (yet you wish you let go of something so you can take a breath.)
If you said “yes, that’s me” to more than three of the above, you have to admit you can’t keep burning the candle at both ends-- read on, because I’m so excited to share this game-changing opportunity with you.
I’m going to show you how, after trying and failing with so many different methods and fads, and feeling frustrated and worried that nothing will ever work for your unique situation, you can get OUT of this pattern and completely improve your energy level, with consistency and results. 

So if you’ve ever felt “stuck”—or even “incapable”—because you feel like...
  •  There’s not enough time in the day to focus on you and get back to feeling amazing.
  •  All the programs you’ve tried to get your your health to keep up with your ambition end up unsuccessful. 
  •  You can’t move forward because you are exhausted and tired. 
Then I’m ready to personally show you a brand new way to have more energy, feel calm and be present in your relationships —starting TODAY.

Listen. I know from my own experience (and from the experience of working with countless other busy professionals that there is a simpler way to manage your energy and feel in control of your body, mind and schedule.
The Eats & Asana University Program
A practical program for modern high performers who simply want less stress and more energy
… So You Can Play Full-Out Personally and Professionally. 
Whether you desire to:
  •  Have all-day energy so you can complete your to-do list without struggling and still have energy for your spouse/family after hours.
  •  Feel calm and focused so you can be present in your relationships and actually enjoy life while you make the impact on the world that you desire.
  •  Finally shut your brain off so you can have a good night’s sleep to feel refreshed and ready to take on the next day.
  •  Feel strong and healthy in your body so you can have confidence to go after your goals knowing you can consistently perform your best.
The Eats & Asana University Program (EAU)  will take you by hand, and lead you step-by-step to the high-energy, calm mind, and fulfilling relationships you’ve been yearning for… and the kind of lifestyle you know you deserve. 

A life where you get to do everything you’ve ever imagined… 

Like be present with your spouse or kids without restlessness from constantly thinking of all the things that need to be done, or 

Feel energetic, calm and focused so you can tackle your to-do list and then some without stress, anxiety, or a steady caffeine/alcohol intake, or even 

Be excited and joyful when looking at your upcoming schedule, instead of feeling overwhelmed and dreading the coming weeks. 

Just Imagine the Difference:
From Restless and Exhausted, to Energized and Stress-Free…
Even though it might not seem like it, it’s actually never been easier to fully participate in life without anxiety, restlessness or sacrificing your health because your ambitious.

It’s possible to be energetic, calm and focused without entirely giving up your favourite foods, spending hours meditating, or adding more to your to-do list. 

There are hundreds of people I’ve already helped who are enjoying fulfilling and productive lives as they work toward their goals. 

While working with these busy professionals... I’ve discovered one clear lesson—there is a proven system for having more energy and less stress. 

It’s learnable and you can use it to play full out everyday yourself.  

And, I’m going to you show you exactly how to make all of this happen for yourself... even if it feels intimidating, or “impossible” right now. 

But first… 

Let me tell you a little more about how I know this works, and WHY I do what I do. 

My Journey With Stress… 
When I first started my career and was working 60+ hours per week, I felt anxious and exhausted from being “on” all the time. I felt lost in my work and didn’t know how to get “me” back and still succeed in my career. I tried everything: early morning gym workouts, meditation, reading productivity hack books...

And none of it worked. 

After months of effort and failed attempts to get a handle on my schedule and anxiety, I finally realized that what I needed was a cohesive plan that focused on MY body and needs… not random fads from people online who aren’t even certified.  

I knew I didn’t want to feel so frantic anymore. 

I decided things had to change. That’s when I made my “No Plan B Commitment” to myself.

I understood what was happening in my body, but still felt overwhelmed by the multitude of ways I “should” be upkeeping my health. Add to that the embarrassment of knowing the tools to help myself, but still not having the strategies in place to solve my own problem. 

Being too exhausted to have a personal life or take care of myself was not an option. Anxiety and overwhelm were not options. And giving up on my ambitious dreams was also not an option. I was all in. 

So I put my foot down and dug into what I knew. As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I understood the stress response that was happening in my body. I also knew the tools and techniques I could use to slow the heck down. But up until that point I just hadn’t implemented them in any sort of way I could stick to. 

I knew one thing for sure - I didn’t want to give up my lifestyle or my dreams. So I had to figure out how to feel the way I wanted, even with my long workdays and a frequent travel schedule.

So I took what I knew about yoga and holistic nutrition and how they could help me manage stress. I came up with a way to strategically use these tools to calm my nervous system and manage my stress hormones so I could have the mental clarity, focus and all-day energy I needed to move my business forward. My ambition wasn’t going away. So I found a way to use these holistic tools to help me work toward my dreams so could feel good in my body and be present in my personal relationships as well. 

I implemented all of the principles I’ve been teaching you up until this point. 

And I created a strategy for my days that includes feeding my body for energy, incorporating quick and easy tactics to keep my stress level down, my body calm, and my mind sharp and focused. 

This was my turning point. 

After this, I realized I HAD to put these strategies into a program to help others do the same. And it worked! Not just for me, but for the hundreds of people I helped while running the Eats & Asana course in live in-person sessions. Now it’s time to take this tried and true method online to help even more people drop their stressed and frantic way of living and have the calm, focused energy they need to move forward in their lives and careers. 

So if you’re tired of researching and trying and failing and ending up in the same exact place.... 

I have something for you :-) 

Having a proven, step-by-step plan you can follow - regardless of your current anxiety or piling to-do list - to give you the confidence that this won’t be like the other attempts, that you’ll finally stick with it and create lasting change in your energy level, mental focus and the way you handle stress.  

Plus, it allows you to skip over the expensive mistakes I made, and avoid being intolerable in your personal relationships, unable to focus at work, and reaching for everything and anything to stop your food cravings. 

Here’s Exactly What You Get When You Join
Eats & Asana University
  •  12 weekly audio/video modules with simple action steps to give you results right away ($2,400)
  • Use this to focus your efforts so you can instantly begin to up-level your energy and build confidence in your body as you move forward.
  •  Comprehensive PDF guidebooks that walk you through the actions to take in each module ($999)
  • This will be invaluable in creating sustainable practices to increasing your energy, and slow down your stress response so you can be focused, calm and productive throughout your days.
  •  Accountability and support from experts and your peers. ($1,999)
  • Never feel like you’re going through this journey alone when you join us on bi-weekly group calls in the Eats & Asana online community. These live calls are there to hold you accountable and so you receive ongoing feedback and support. 
Take a Look at What Some of My Clients Have to Say:
Here’s EXACTLY What You’ll Get As A Member Of The Eats & Asana Program:
I’ve combined over a 10 years of experience studying and practicing as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher to create the proven plan that you’ll use to create a fulfilling life you love.

The program is broken down into 10 main modules that are accessible one week at a time along with 3 bonuses.  

All of the program materials, including professionally shot HD videos, MP3s, video tech training tutorials and worksheets are available inside the online Eats & Asana membership site and Facebook group.  

  •  In this module you will discover how to calm your body and mind so you can stay energized and productive throughout even your busiest days.
  •  You will also learn how to simply come down from a bad mood, or pick yourself out of an energy slump so you won’t have to sacrifice your dependable reputation.
  •  In this module you will discover how to listen to your body’s cues so you can respond appropriately and always know what you need to feel your best.
  •  You will also learn how to simply let go of anxiety without having to sacrifice your desire to show up and win the day.
Morning Routine
  •  In this module you will discover how to set your day up for success so you’re purposeful, focused and ready to take on whatever the day brings.
  •  You will also learn how to simply strengthen and tone your body without having to sacrifice precious energy that you need for your day.
  •  In this module you will discover how to properly fuel your body so you aren’t distracted by mood swings or food cravings throughout the day. 
  •  You will also learn how to simply create delicious and healthy meals without having to sacrifice hours of your precious after-work time.
  •  In this module you will discover how to create powerful food combinations so you have all-day energy, even when you’re at a restaurant or travelling.
  •  You will also learn how to easily stop food cravings before they begin, without having to sacrifice flavour or your favourite foods.
Evening Routine
  •  In this module you will discover how to release pent-up energy from your body so you can have a restful sleep and wake up refreshed without painful stiff muscles or feeling exhausted.
  •  You will also learn how to simply set yourself up for relaxing sleep without needing sleeping aids that leave you groggy in the morning.
  •  In this module you will discover how you live more in the moment so you find joy in your days and create meaningful relationships with others. 
  •  You will also learn how to create simple rewarding routines without having to sacrifice your productivity, or spend time doing things that don’t matter to you. 
Stress & Cravings
  •  In this module you will discover how to break the cycle of stress in your body so you feel more in control of your mood, cravings and reactions. 
  •  You will also learn how to simply satisfy your cravings without having to sacrifice the food and drinks you love.
Be Here Now
  •  In this module you will discover how to live in the present moment so you can let go of anxiety and restlessness from being distracted by what’s coming up next.
  •  You will also learn a simple technique to center yourself without having to divert your attention from important projects or relationships.
Celebrate You
  •  In this module you will discover how to embrace your strengths and weaknesses so you can be confident in your ability to perform in any situation. 
  •  You will also learn how to feel proud and accomplished without having to sacrifice your ambitions and drive to achieve your goals. 
The System To Help You
Create The Life You Deserve
When you enroll in Eats & Asana you’ll get LIFETIME access to the material. 

I’ve set up the program so that you learn and implement quickly—with my support and real-time group coaching along the way. 

The Eats & Asana program is open for enrollment! 

PLUS—When You Order Today, You’ll Also Get Access to These Exclusive Bonuses:
Expert Food Log Review ($550 Value)
  •  In these monthly Food Log Review Calls, you’ll discover how to maximize your energy so you can be productive and confident that you’re fuelling your body for success.
  •  You will also learn how to simply adjust your current habits without having to give up the foods you love or sacrifice taste and convenience.
(Don’t worry – this is a supportive experience, there’s never any judgment if you don’t eat perfectly!)
Yoga for Mindful Living- Video Library ($299 Value)
  •  In these short and efficient videos you will discover key poses and routines to target stiff areas for people who sit often or work at a desk so you can release tension your body.
  •  You will also learn how to create relaxation in minutes without having to spend hours at a yoga studio.
Everyday Eats Cookbook - Digital Copy ($29 Value)
  •  Over 40 delicious recipes that show you exactly what to eat so you can maximize your energy and feel confident in your body.
  •  You will also learn how to simply create delicious, satisfying meals without having to spend hours in the kitchen or sacrifice taste and enjoyment of meals.
Get Started & Order Today.
Program Opening Special is only for a Limited Time
You can choose to pay for lifetime access upfront with a one-time payment, or in 3 monthly installments. Both enrollment options include a 100% money back guarantee. Save $500 now with the Program Opening Special (regular price is $1,497).
One Time Payment
    3 Monthly Payments
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      June 19 at 11:59pm EST
      Eats & Asana Is Different...
      Look. You don’t need to “feel ready” to get started. You just need to start.

      The Eats & Asana program was made just for you, so you can jump start your anxiety-free, grounded, and energized life (energized, low-stress, high-productivity life,) all with a proven step-by-step plan and personalized support so you can learn as you go. 

      Like I said earlier, you just need to start. Move forward, and continue to take imperfect action.  

      But, I do understand that making this kind of life-changing decision is a big deal.  

      That’s why I want you to feel totally at ease when making this decision to join us in Eats & Asana. I’ve done everything I possibly can to guarantee that when you follow the steps laid out for you in the program, you will make rapid progress.  

      I can confidently say that, because I’ve worked with hundreds of many ambitious professionals who were just like you when they enrolled in Eats & Asana-- and within a few months they’re playing-full out in their lives with more energy than ever before. 

      That’s Why The Eats & Asana Program Is Backed By A
      100% Invest With Confidence Guarantee
      Here’s how the guarantee works: 

      I invite you to give it a try for two weeks, completely risk-free. If at any point in the first 14 days of access to the program you decide the program isn’t for you, can request a refund provided you have shared in the group, participated live in the group calls, and completed the worksheets form the first two content modules.

      The 14 Day period begins the day you get access to log into the coaching program site. 

      There’s nothing to risk on your end at all.  

      It’s important to remember that this isn’t a program designed to tear down everything you are and what you do in order to replace it with something restrictive and unmanageable. 

      I’ve been where you are now. Together, we can find sustainable habits that work for you and your schedule. 

      Feeling on top of the chaos in your life, having the all-day energy and no longer feeling like you have to muster the strength and push yourself to get through the day.
      Now imagine this kind of thing happening every single day.
      Imagine feeling the kind of confidence that comes with knowing that you have the tools to handle stressors that come your way without letting them wear you out, affect your mood or your relationships.

      Imagine finally being able to sustain your health and succeed without daily anxiety in your busy lifestyle.  

      This can and will happen for you… 

      So don’t wait for another opportunity to shape your future. This is your chance! 

      Enrollment closes soon, so click below, choose the best package and sign up today. 

      WIth love and stress-free inspiration,  
      One Time Payment
        3 Monthly Payments
          Enrollment Closes
          Expires June 19 at 11:59pm EST
          Is this a group program?
          A: This program is self-directed, with group support! When you join, you’ll have access to all of the content, which you can work through at your own pace. You are encouraged to participate in the Eats & Asana Community Facebook Group to share your experience and receive support from your coach and peers. We’ll have virtual group calls where you can ask your questions, receive feedback on your food log and get to know the other group members.
          Q: How long will it take me to go through the entire program?
          A: The program is designed to be completed over the course of 12 weeks (two implementation weeks are included). Each module breaks down simple action steps for you to focus on for the week. The action steps build from one week to the other as you create sustainable habits. Content will be delivered to you one week at a time when you enroll. You'll be able to go through it at your own pace, though completing one module each week is recommended.
          How much time per week do I need to set aside to complete the program?
          A: The program is designed to take up as little of your time as possible, while giving you maximum results! The audio and video portions of the modules will take no more than 90 minutes per week to review. Implementing your action steps and completing the reflection handouts will take 1-2 hours per week, depending on the week. You can adjust the recommendations to suit your schedule. The recommendations are designed to fit within short time frames so you can add them to your day between tasks. You’ll also have additional yoga sequence videos from the Resource Section that you can use anytime you’d like.
          I’m going to be out of town, will I fall too far behind? 
          A: The program is completely virtual so you can access your content and participate in the Office Hours calls from anywhere. If you can’t attend live, all virtual group calls will be recorded and made available to you in the Eats & Asana Community Facebook group. You’re encouraged to participate in the calls live to help you stay on track. The pace of the program is up to you, and you’ll always have access to the modules, so you can power through the content or take your time, it’s up to you!
          How do I know if this program is right for me?
          A: If you’ve been trying to manage a continuously busy mind and schedule and are feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, it’s time to try a new way. The Eats & Asana Program is designed to address the underlying cause-- your stress hormones --so that you can begin to regulate your nervous system and get your body on board with your goals. 
          I have food intolerances/allergies/restrictions, will your nutrition approach work for me?
          A: The Eats & Asana approach to nutrition gives you a framework to inform your food choices. This framework can be applied regardless of your dietary restrictions or food allergies/intolerances. We’ve had vegans, vegetarians, and those with long lists of intolerances successfully complete the program and benefit from the nutrition recommendations. Plus, you’ll be able to get personal feedback on your food logs on the Expert Food Log Review calls.
          I’m new to yoga, can I still join?
          A: Absolutely! No prior knowledge of yoga poses or philosophy is required to join Eats & Asana. The program includes basic yoga poses and will build your knowledge of the poses and sequences as you move through the modules. We use yoga in a new way that’s specifica to helping you calm your nervous system and manage your energy. This works well for seasoned yogis or complete beginners.
          When can I expect to see results?
          A: As soon as you take action! When you enroll in Eats & Asana, you’ll receive access to one weekly module at a time so you can dive into the content and start making progress. Module 1 will teach you what you need to know to take control of your energy and mood, so you’ll be feeling results as soon as you put the practice into action.
          How will I have the energy and motivation to stick to the program?
          A: The program is designed specifically for people with high-stress busy lifestyles. The module sequence is designed to give you wins and get you energized and feeling good in your body so you have the energy to stay on track. Also, when you join, you’ll be part of the Eats & Asana Community where your coach and peers will keep you on track with accountability and support. We want you to succeed, just as much as you do!
          What else do I need to buy to see results with your program?
          A: To make the most of your program I recommend purchasing a yoga mat and 2 blocks for your practice. Throughout the program I’ll recommend other resources like props, books, or supplements, though these are completely optional.
          What if I have trouble accessing the program or have a question? How can I get help? 
          A: Once you’re in the program, you’ll have access to the Eats & Asana Community Facebook group where you can ask your questions related to the content of the course. You’ll also be able to ask Selina your questions directly in the bi-weekly office hours sessions.
          To make it easy for you to access your content, we’ve included video tutorials to show you where all your program content is located and how to access it. For all other support-related inquiries, email and we’ll help you access your material. 
          What if I don’t like it? Can I get a refund?
          A: Joining Eats & Asana is completely risk-free. If at any point in the first 14 days of access to the program you decide the program isn’t for you, can request a refund provided you have shared in the group, participated live in the group calls, and completed the worksheets form the first two content modules.
          Note that no refunds or termination of a payment plan will be accepted after the 14 day money back guarantee window and you are responsible to remit the full program enrollment fee. The 14 Day period begins the day you get access to log into the coaching program site.
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